Wine, Cheese, and The Big Sea!

It’s been an eventful first week as Black History Month moves into full swing here at Penn. Students and scholars are out and about ready to share their insight. Dr. Herman Beavers, Professor of English and Africana Studies, is no exception. Last night, Penn students, faculty and staff gathered at the Graduate Student Center for wine, cheese, and wisdom.

On Behalf of the entire BGAPSA community, we would like to thank Dr. Beavers for bringing The Big Sea, Langston Hughes, and the frank realities of the Harlem Renaissance to literary life. Your analysis and guidance through the text paired with thought-provoking questions brought the complexities of Blackness in the early 1920s to the very forefront of all things revolutionary and relevant. Also, thank you for disregarding time and letting the conversation explore and span the many phases and faces of Hughes, his life, and his craft.

We would also like to thank the participants for joining us in this discussion. Thank you for bringing your diverse and insightful perspectives. We truly enjoyed the opportunity to learn from one another in our many disciplines.

It’s only the beginning, friends! Check this blog, facebook, twitter, Instagram, we mean literally anything, for more updates and inspiring pieces as we celebrate Black History today, tomorrow, and always.


The Black Graduate and Professional Student Assembly.

[P.S. An event post is coming your way this Sunday (2/7)]


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