A Word on the Flint Water Crisis

But what about the children? The families? The people of this small town?

At our General Body Meeting this past Tuesday (2/16), BGAPSA members and allies gathered to process the tragedy of the Flint Water Crisis. The toxic water moving through the pipes of Flint, Michigan and into the homes of its residents continues to spotlight the painful realities of government oversight and privatization. Gathering students discussed the current and residual impact of the poisoned water on not only the families and children that ingested the toxins but the legalities of who will be held responsible. This crisis hits home for a lot of members, including one member who disclosed having been affected by lead in their childhood and the difficulty associated with healing. The collective BGAPSA body shares a fear that if there is no sustainable and comparable resolution to the crisis, then poor, predominantly black communities will continue to be at risk without a precedent of protection.

Most importantly, we reached a consensus: We cannot let this tragedy and gross misconduct fade out of our 24-hour newsfeed and consequently out of our hearts and minds.

If you are interested in learning more, we read through two articles to lead our conversations:



An updated article from the same blog listed above:  http://www.greatlakeslaw.org/blog/2016/02/litigating-the-flint-water-crisis-an-overview-of-the-lawsuits-and-legal-action.html

Photo: forbes.com



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