BGAPSA takes the Pyramid Club!


Decades ago, Black figures, thinkers, orators, and writers gathered to share a drink as the sounds of music and politics lulled the busy Philadelphia air into silence. In the throes of unrest and progress, Langston Hughes, Marion Anderson, and Mary Mcleod Bethune were just a few of many influencers to congregate amidst the high ceilings and extravagant detail of the Pyramid Club.

Decades later, we gather again in celebration of Black excellence to share a drink and a dance, drowning the busier sounds of our Philadelphia air into the night. Though time has transformed the Pyramid Club, our sentiment remains to same. You, of course, are invited to join BGAPSA  for a party of historical proportions with an undeniable vintage flare. Let the cares of a hard fought semester disappear as you dazzle for a night!

All $5 dollars you will spend on a ticket goes to benefit the African American Museum of Philadelphia.

Catering is provided by  Philadelphia’s Black owned and operated Brown’s Kitchen with DJ Eddie Limo on music.Pyramis

Dancing skills not required- We’ll see you there!



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