It’s Time for 2017 E-Board Elections!

Our moment, Your Move The Black student voice at Penn not only encourages equity on campus, but unites us in our shared responsibility to bring our community together, develop solutions to improve the student experience and ultimately create opportunities, strengthening the BGAPSA body. If this hits home for you in more ways than one, then we invite you to join the BGAPSA Executive Board. Your insight, your commitment to service, and your creativity will drive our collective mission forward. Fill out the following form to indicate your interest in running for a position and you will get all of the information you need for this next step in your student journey.

Nominations must be received by, April 21st at midnight. You may nominate yourself by filling out the form at the end of this blog post.

Election Details

The election will take place online via a Qualtrics survey between 7am April 22nd  and 11pm April 23rd. Students who are registered via the BGAPSA listserv will be able to vote. Votes will remain anonymous. 

A list of all executive board positions as well as descriptions of responsibilities for each position can be found on this post.

Current executive board members may run for re-election, or for another position. A list of incumbent board members who intend to run for office again is below.

The Constitution

The heart of any organization is the contract that its members and their leaders have with one another. The BGAPSA Constitution describes the values, responsibilities and rules of our organization. It has been passed down for many years, but there is no record that it has been formally ratified. Recognizing the immense strides that we have made as a body this year, the E-Board is including constitutional ratification as an item on this year’s ballot. Your vote in this election is important not just in terms of next year’s leadership, but for the institutional leadership of this historic organization, founded in 1985!

A copy of the constitution can be downloaded here.


The following positions are open. Full descriptions of the basic responsibilities associated with each position can be found in this post, and within the Constitution (except for two new positions: VP of Advocacy and Community Healing and Historian).


Incumbent Candidates

Lisette Enumah – Running for co-President

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 6.16.16 AM
Lisette Enumah, VP of Social Programming

Haley Pilgrim – Running for co-President

Haley Pilgrim, VP of Correspondence


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